For Posterity 6

PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship around the release date of 01.13.2017

For Posterity Transparent Green Moss Vinyl LP
Limited to 300 world wide

Full Album Digital Download delivered via email on the release date
Instant Track "Misused Adrenaline" sent at the time of purchase

FP Album Artwork Drawing Natural T-Shirt

Handmade Dryjacket Wallet
Only 25 wallets made! These are hand made by Brad from the band on fine leather, stitched with natural waxed thread on the seams. This is a single slot/card holder style wallet, stamped with a 'DRYJACKET' logo on the front.

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  1. Wicker Couch
  2. Epi Pen Pals
  3. Spelling Era
  4. Two Toasters
  5. Titebond IV
  6. Abe LinkedIn
  7. Misused Adrenaline
  8. Milo with an "H"
  9. Bill Gates' Ringtone
  10. Patron Without Funds
  11. Ana [an-uh, an-nuh]

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FP Album Artwork Drawing Natural